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Footpath 10

FP10 starts next to Stone Lane Pit entrance on Woburn Road (right). The original stile has recently been removed.

Hidden in a hedge along the north eastern leg of the walk are some interesting architectural remains (below). When the 13th Duke of Bedford inherited Woburn in the early 1950s, he found a derelict house badly damaged by the neglect of the War Office which had used it to accommodate Bletchley Park staff during the second world war.  The east wing was so bad that it had to be demolished.


The farmer who farmed the field opposite Red Lodge, under one hedge of which lies the 'Roman pillar', also farmed Apesfield on the Bedford estates. He was 'given' the rubble from the demolished wing to fill in a pond (still visible in outline) in the Red Lodge field. The pillar, from Woburn, is the bit which wouldn't fit into the hole!!


This information comes from Pete Shirley, whose family used the Red Lodge complex (then including a house, which was stripped piece by piece 'by Diddies') as farm out-buildings, and who remembers the events well.

The path ends at a chain gate (since replaced by a kissing gate) and railway sleeper bridge (fitted by P3 during the summer of 1998) over a small ditch on Bryants Lane behind the pit (right).

Footpath 1

FP1 starts across the road from the end of FP10 (below) and the two make a decent circular walk The stile in this photo has been replaced by a kissing gate.

Photo Photo

The bottom end of FP1 (right) comes out on Bryants Lane via some rather steep steps.

Follow this link for alternative view of Footpaths 1 and 10 - requires a very large screen and high bandwidth connection.

Footpath 6

FP6 is probably one of the most used in the village, running from the North side of the Royal British Legion hut at the top of Thrift Road to the stream that drains Stockgrove Lake. The route is fairly well marked and passes through a kissing gate (left) before heading downhill to the stream. The slope can get quite muddy at times.

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