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Past Events
Monday 1st Jan 2007
A total of 12 attended Roger's New Year Walk around the village. Again, we were blessed by the weather - it had rained heavily the day and night before and rained again in the afternoon. Stockgrove was veyr busy, with cars parked along both sides of the road. We also encountered two other large groups of walkers.
We met up on Heath Green
via Black Pond
and back via Stockgrove

17th June 2006
Parish Boundary Walk. Dave Cromack has kindly supplied a gallery of photos from this walk which was held on a baking-hot day in the summer of 2006.

Petunias in Kings Wood
Sunday 23rd April 2006
Stockgrove ranger Esther Milne led a very respectable 22 on a walk through Kings Wood on Sunday, principally to see spring flowers. Whilst the bluebells hadn't really started to bloom, there were plenty of primroses, violets and daffodils.
Photos courtesy Chris Valentine and Dick Denton.

A very respectable 25 turned out for this year's P3 New Year's Walk, led by Roger Owers to Oak Wood and back, on Monday 2nd January 2006.

Photos courtesy Chris Valentine and Dick Denton.

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