Heath and Reach P3
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Bridleways in Heath and Reach

Bridleways 3, 9 and 15

All these bridleways join up and form a route from Miletree Lane, opposite Stonehenge Works (below) to the A5.

Panorama photo


Both BW3 (left) and BW9 (below right) are marked with traditional green metals signs on posts. The routes are across a mixture of grassland and crops.

A decent circular walk involving these bridleways is detailed in one of our route guides.

Much of this route is quiet and isolated; BW9 follows a babbling stream (right) lined with pollarded willow and rare black poplar trees. Consequently you are quite likely to encounter a rich variety of wildlife, including Muntjac and Chinese Water deer, fox, rabbits and hare. Birds include partridge and pheasant, and even skylark. In spring, hedgerows are decorated with blossom (blackthorn, below left).


Although the fields adjacent to the bridleways are currently farmed, much of the land is actually owned by the quarry companies and has mineral extraction rights. In anticipation of future extraction, there are screening strips of recently planted tress (left); rather than fast-growing conifers however, the companies have chosen a variety of trees including beech and hazel.

The bridleways are now waymarked from end to end. Walkers and riders can obtain an excellent free guide to the bridleways in our route guides section.

Follow this link for alternative view of Bridleways 3, 9 and 15 - requires a very large screen and high bandwidth connection.

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